Transitional Housing

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Hope Essentials provides transitional housing that is rent-free, utility-free temporary housing. Each family works hard to pay off debt, save money and learn valuable life skills.

Staff and community volunteers partner with each family to set goals and gain the resources necessary to move into a home of their own at the end of the three-month program. 


Hope Essentials provides each family with a two bedroom, fully furnished, apartment. 

The program is based upon high accountability and families are required to live on all needs and no wants.

Each adult in the household must have a full-time job or be actively seeking full-time employment.

Families are required to attend weekly meetings, including case management, budget counseling, life skills and community living.


Click the link below, complete the form, and then call daily to express your continued interest.

In-person interviews are scheduled when a opening becomes available. 

A decision will be made by both the family and staff to determine whether the program is a good fit for the applicant.

We know that each family has a unique story and set of needs. We will explain all program expectations so each applicant will be equipped to make the best decision for their family.

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