The Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store is now operating at full capacity and, in accordance with Clay County Health Department, requiring masks to be worn at all times inside the store.


family. opportunity. second chances. hope.

When you choose to support Hillcrest Hope, you restore and reunite families. You restore opportunities for success, growth, and happiness. You restore second chances. You restore hope.

We believe families can create their best life when they have the tools to do so, which is why we rely on the generous support of our community partners and donors. When you choose to donate, your contributions help our families regain their independence and their hope. Help from people like you is what enabled us to transform lives in the Kansas City community for the last 40 years.


Together, we can do this.



When you donate to Hillcrest Hope, you empower families with the skills and resources they need to thrive as neighbors.

Our Stories of Hope speak for themselves.

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