Restoring hope through community

Today we celebrate over 40 years of generational impact. Because of our generous community, Hillcrest Hope has been able to provide the opportunity of housing and stability to those in need, working to get back on their feet.

The need for Every day, we encounter not the unemployed but the under-employed looking for ways to make ends meet. Matched with poor credit, lack of education, unaffordable childcare, or unreliable transportation, these families have little hope to better their financial stability.


 A Legacy of hope

From the needs of one family in Liberty, Missouri came a legacy of hope, providing support and dignity to families facing homelessness.


In the early 1970’s, everything seemed to be going well for Ben and Patsy Beltzer. Ben managed a business and the couple was active in the community. When the business Ben managed was bought out and the new owner brought in its own management team, The Beltzers experienced first-hand the despair and hopelessness that can come from being unemployed, broke and homeless. They reached out to their church community to seek help getting back on their feet. The church surrounded them to provide support, with the stipulation that the family work, adapt to live within their means, and allow themselves to be held accountable in their finances. Through the aid of their church community, they were given a second chance and regained stability for their family.


The Beltzers’ experience sparked in them a desire to start an organization that would offer a long-term solution to the growing number of families facing homelessness in their community. They established Hillcrest Ministries in Liberty and after months of planning and fundraising, the first three families moved into the original Hillcrest home in 1978.

OUR VALUES A community where all people have the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, and housing. A community wherein all people can stand on their own with dignity and provide for their families. Empowering the homeless and working poor to achieve personal independence through transitional housing, accountability, education and community support.


 What We Do

At Hillcrest Hope we provide services that fill in the gap until families can stand on their own. Our rigorous programs provide accountability paired with support to help working poor families and individuals find a new beginning of stability.

Our transitional housing program, Hope Essentials, has the capacity to serve 21 families at one time and we average 54 families served annually between our two Clay County housing sites. Hope Opportunities, an incentive-based graduates support program, has seen tremendous response in its first year, with 61 graduate families participating. Finally, with the introduction of the Hope Solutions, our eviction prevention program, we are positioned to address the needs of families in our community before they become homeless.


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