What is Hope Opportunities?

The Hillcrest Hope Opportunities program encourages graduates to participate in community engagement, self-improvement, and other positive activities both for themselves and their children with incentives that continue to provide support and stability. Graduates are eligible to participate in the Opportunities program for five years following their Hillcrest Hope graduation. Points are earned and reported in the following areas to be redeemed for benefits.

As A part of the Hope Opportunities program you'll receive...

Case Management

Budgeting Guidance

Christmas Donations

Point Redemption

point redemption

  • 150 Points

    $25 gas card

  • 200 Points

    Pantry shopping trip

  • 250 Points

    $50 thrift store voucher

  • 500 Points

    $100 thrift store voucher

  • 500 Points

    $100 childcare reimbursement*

  • 500 Points

    $100 rent reimbursement**

*Must provide receipts for recent childcare expenses
**Must provide receipt from recent rent payment

Our Stories of Hope speak for themselves.

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