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Though we cannot capture the story of every Hillcrest Hope graduate, here are some words of hope from past graduates:

"I reached out to Hillcrest feeling defeated and broken in a seemingly hopeless situation. Within a week of being at Hillcrest, the light started shining. It was a light I did not recognize because I had not seen it in such a long time. It was the light at the end of a very long tunnel. With their support and guidance in many facets of our new life, my son and I were able to begin again; stronger than before. Hillcrest Hope was the catalyst to our new life. I'll never be able to express my gratitude sufficiently for the amazing program and the role it played in my family's future.” Denee A.

“Hillcrest Hope helped me in my time of need and it made a lasting impact on my life.” Caitlin M.

“At Hillcrest Hope, I gained confidence to manage life on my own again.” Marissa H.

“The people at Hillcrest Hope loved me until I could love myself.” Darleen K.

“Hillcrest Hope helped my husband and I to get on the same page and become a team instead of working as opponents. This changed our future.” Mike and Betsy P.

“Living at Hillcrest Hope, we learned to be a part of community.” Sandra S.

“Those who didn’t know me took a chance, caring enough to help me get back on my feet. I learned how to change my way of thinking and how I react. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that were given to me through Hillcrest Hope.” Neil A.

“The compassion and grace shown to me as I struggled with life’s stressors reduced my cloud of shame to a haze, allowing me to see a glimpse of light, a glimpse of hope.” Crisanne R.

“Hillcrest Hope helped me regain custody of my daughter and save to get us the home we have today.” Megan K.

“Hillcrest Hope provided a safe environment to allow me to focus on my life and my children. I learned so much about myself to has given me the strength to continue moving forward.” Telina R.

“I received understand and support at Hillcrest Hope that helped to boost my confidence without guilt.” Mitch B.

“I learned how I can live without wants so we can have the things that we need. I have continued to work on budgeting and pay off even more. Because of budgeting, I have bought a little home for myself and my boys. It may not seem like much but it is ours-our safe place that no one can take from us. I am so thankful for Hillcrest Hope, because I don’t know where we would be if I had not been taught these skills.” Crystal M.

“Hillcrest Hope taught me to believe in myself and my abilities through the support of so many who believed in me.” Kim H.

“Hillcrest Hope reminded my family that a bump in the road is not a broken path. We were being directed from brokenness to something better. We felt as though we had lost our way but with the help of Hillcrest Hope, we were guided out what felt like hopeless situations. We are blessed daily by the lessons learned and guidance received.” Aimee F.

“To this day I can pay my bills and I have money in a savings account!” Natalie D.

“Hillcrest Hope provided real hope. With support emotionally, financially, and spiritually, my family was overwhelmed with gratitude. Our immediate needs were met, allowing us to live comfortably, instead of in fear of what we might need or where we would be next.” Joshua B.

“The lasting impact of Hillcrest Hope in my family’s life comes from all the support we received, from staff, churches, and community.” Amy P.

“I was shown care, as someone they didn’t even know and despite my past. I was taught budgeting skills I can use forever. Hillcrest Hope is the most amazing program and I owe everything I have to it.” Jason D.

“The people at Hillcrest Hope saw the potential in me and pushed me to keep moving forward at a very difficult time in my life.” Brooklyn B.