To the Next Client of Hillcrest Hope by Wendy, a former resident

It’s time to relax now, It’s time to sit down, Eat a hot meal, Tonight you can sleep sound.

You have got a lot behind you and a lot of work ahead. You are feeling very frightened, Your pride is almost dead.

The next few months won’t be easy, but you have got to be tough. You are among friends now, People who care so much.

You are in a safe place now, You’ll have what you need. God is holding out His hand, Just follow His lead…

We are so very proud of the program we get to be a part of, this transformational housing. By providing the stability and safety of housing and basic needs, we are then able to address the entire picture, giving each family the unique opportunity to strengthen and grow through accountability. Many families share with us that one of the most impactful moments of the program is walking into their Hillcrest Hope “home” for the first time. We invite you to take a look inside.

This little home, a two-bedroom apartment, is furnished, decorated, and cared for by a local church. These churches work hard to make the space feel warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Families get to call this home for their time with us, before they move on to their more permanent home, one we walk alongside them to find, budget for, and furnish as they graduate.

Each family moves in with different belongings and different needs. In furnishing, our local churches provide everything you can imagine-from sheets and towels to pots and pans. We ask this of our partners because we recognize that, while some families have things in storage, other families walk in with only the clothes on their backs. It would take time for them to accumulate all they might need just to prepare a meal or make their beds and we do not ask them to do without.

The dignity of having basic necessities is vital in a family’s ability to rebuild from brokenness. We want each and every family we serve to know that we believe they deserve good. These apartments are a symbol of a new beginning, a fresh start. We then coach, encourage, and guide them toward the reality that there is more joy in store for them as they work, plan, and strive for a new future.

Yet, like most things in life, we must begin with the basics: a safe home, a warm bed, the makings for dinner, and a plan for tomorrow.

To the Next Client of Hillcrest Hope cont’d

Listen to the counselors, And do what they say. Work very hard, And don’t forget to pray.

At times it seems impossible, You’ll think you won’t get through. That’s when you listen to the counselors, And let them and God guide you.

You are going to make it, Just concentrate. Listen to God and Hillcrest Hope, Because the ending is great!