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Hillcrest Hope is a highly-structured program serving the working poor in Clay County. We believe families can create their best life when they have the tools to do so. Hillcrest Hope equips these families and individuals through rigorous education in a 90-day transitional housing environment. Through this opportunity, families are transformed and restored. They are given a redemptive opportunity to write a second story in their lives. We teach strict budgeting and other life skills, providing our graduates with the ability they need to thrive as neighbors.

Transitional Housing is a stepping stone for the families of our program to gain stability. We take a holistic approach, working through concerns in areas of social support to finances, from parenting to health. Each and every adult in our program is employed. By providing free housing and utilities, these families are able to save from their income and also budget to resolve debts. Goal-setting, problem-solving, coaching, and guidance all come from case management, which the families engage in weekly.

“Hillcrest Hope encouraged us to grow together as a family,” one graduate shares. “It turned our lives around. I don’t know how I would have made it without the support I received from Hillcrest Hope. As hard as Hillcrest Hope was and as much as we had to push, it really showed us who we could be and motivated us to become better every day. As a family, we’ve come farther than we ever thought we could.”

Hillcrest Hope has two housing sites in Clay County, in Liberty and in Avondale (NKC) serving families in need from throughout the entire Kansas City area.

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