Our Latest Stories of Hope: January 2019

Our Latest Stories of Hope 1

Liz and Josh left their unhealthy home to find stability for their future. Knowing her part-time job wouldn’t provide enough, Liz improved her resume and sought better employment. She is now a valued paraprofessional for a school, saved $,6000 during her stay, and has settled into a home that Josh loves.

Our Latest Stories of Hope 3

Josh and Alyssa struggled to manage their home and make ends meet when a stroke during childbirth too away Alyssa’s mobility. Finding their way through parenting, budgeting, and household responsibilities, they grew as a couple to provide together for their family.

Crystal overcame many self-doubts on her journey to and through Hillcrest Hope. She make sacrifices to ensure she and her son have a bright future. Crystal is celebrating one year free from addiction.

Our Latest Stories of Hope 1

Kristin is a resilient young woman who determined that the trauma of her past would not define her future. A CNA now headed back to school for a nursing degree, Kristin is settling into her new home with a new future.

Our Latest Stories of Hope 5

Jill and her daughters fled an unhealthy home situation with nowhere to turn. When they came to Hillcrest Hope, Jill left her unstable employment for a better job where she was immediately promoted to management.

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