A Fresh Start at Hillcrest Hope

Local church partner, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, saw a vision for families in need to receive new clothing, shoes, and personal items for them to gain a fresh start in this new chapter of their lives. Through their Love Your City campaign, Pleasant Valley Baptist asked their congregation to help provides the means for Hillcrest Hope and church volunteers to set up a boutique not only for children, but whole families to enjoy.

The congregation’s response was tremendous generosity.

Hillcrest Hope families visited Pleasant Valley Baptist Church for the Fresh Start pop-up boutique on Saturday, July 28th to try on and select two new outfits, a pair of shoes, and some personal items. 40 individuals, including moms, dads, and children, received these fresh, new items for work and school.

Hillcrest Hope families felt tremendous gratitude.

Fresh clothes

Fresh shoes

Fresh smiles

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