Hillcrest Hope Anniversary 2018

We have once again reached our anniversary at Hillcrest Hope and take the time to reflect on all the incredible ways we have been blessed. As we look back on another year, we are in awe of all the transformation that has happened at Hillcrest Hope.

“2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Hillcrest Hope and there is certainly no shortage of amazing stories of redemption and restoration,” shared executive director, Laurie Sutton. ” As we close the books on the first 40 years, we marvel at how many lives have been touched and look to the future with great determination and sense of purpose.”

Our graduates, our families, our staff and our community have much to celebrate from this past year! Let us count the ways.


Amount of money saved by the hard work and budgeting of Hillcrest Hope families in 2017. This would not be possible without the careful budgeting support of volunteers and all the in-kind donations that provide for the many needs of families day in and day out.



Children safely and stably housed through Hillcrest Hope in 2017.



Families adopted for Christmas by families, friends, churches, and businesses-our biggest adoption year ever!


Volunteer hours generously contributed in 2017, both at our housing sites and at our Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store.


Parents reunited with their children this past year, both a rare and difficult accomplishment of which we are honored to play a part.
Thank you for being part of our Hillcrest Hope community. Check out our blog for even more reasons to celebrate!





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