Words of Hope

We love to celebrate this season of gratitude and are reminded of all the ways in which we are thankful as we share these words of hope:

“Before Hillcrest Hope, I was in a big rut trying to dig my way out of it. This program is truly where my life started again.” Adam P.

“I learned to believe in myself and know that I would have the strength to overcome any and all obstacles that life throws my way.” Amanda T.

“Hillcrest Hope showed me how to budget each month for bills and for food. They got me back on track to get my high school diploma. They taught me to never give up hope for myself or for my future.” Sara J.

Hillcrest Hope gave us a temporary home and the opportunity to get enough savings to pay off bills and rent our first place. This year I bought my own home and couldn’t be more happy. My children have their own rooms and a big yard to run in. Hillcrest Hope was the hand-up that I needed.” Megan K.

“The love and understanding I felt at Hillcrest Hope made me believe that anything is possible. I’ve been able to graduate cosmetology school and start a career since graduating Hillcrest Hope.” Kristy M.

“The lasting impact Hillcrest Hope made on us is that it helped us become a stronger family.” Kim H.

“The budgeting is what impacted me the most. It is very enlightening to see where  I was spending my money and exactly how much. Today I can reference past expenses and income and see where I may be able to cut back or plan more accordingly.” Vanessa F.

“Hillcrest Hope helped me to take the steps to re-establish relationships in my life. It was there that I was able to reconnect with and start to rebuild my relationship with my daughter.” Richard B.

“The impact Hillcrest Hope has had on both me and Lilly is  ongoing. I will be out shopping, cooking, or singing in our apartment and just think how lucky and blessed we are to have experienced the opportunity Hillcrest Hope gives. It still brings happy tears to my eyes that I am able to provide a healthy stable home for my daughter and myself. It’s like having a family of people that understand where you were and where you can go. The new perspective on what I am capable of as a human being and mom has had the most lasting impact. We are not stuck anymore in an old pattern of failure. We have moved forward and continue to move forward.” Alicia M.

“Hillcrest Hope helped me to have faith in myself and talk me to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.” Peggy R.

“It was at Hillcrest Hope that I regained custody of my four kids, got a great job, and then received a promotion at work. Not only that, I now know that I’ll be able to have a home of my own without struggling financially.” Jessica W.

“Learning how to budget was huge for me, I’m able to pay my bills and give my girls all that they need and even some of what they want.”  Jennifer W.

“At Hillcrest Hope, I found so much support and friendship. Even after I graduated, I stay connected and know that I am cared for and supported.” Brittani F.

“The greatest impact Hillcrest Hope had on me and  my children was all the loving support and motivation from Hillcrest Hope staff and volunteers.” Victoria S.

“There is support and love shown to all of the families that go through the program. While there, I was able to see other families that had already reached their goal, which let me know that I could succeed too. We still use the tools given to us by Hillcrest Hope to grow together as a family.” Danielle F.

“I learned at Hillcrest Hope that I am not ever alone; there are people that cared when I needed it the most & still care! What a blessing!” Crisanne R.

 “You provided me a safe place to go and regroup.” Denise F.

“My experience at Hillcrest Hope was eventful and life changing. I had been working countless hours, diligently for two years, working two jobs just to get ahead and reclaim my life after a horrid divorce. I was at the point I felt I couldn’t give any more, and not for lack of effort ~ but rather my efforts just weren’t enough. Hillcrest Hope gave countless resources and that little bump I needed to soar and fly, successfully and happily. The biggest tool I took with me was budgeting, and ways to finally plan ahead instead of treading water financially.” Diana B.

“The most lasting thing at Hillcrest would have to be and always be budgeting and working on my credit, I don’t think my credit has ever been this good! And still to this day I do meal planning. Honestly being a mother of two and working a full-time job and now having football four days a week, it saves my life!” Crystal M.

“The greatest impact of Hillcrest Hope on my family was being introduced to all of the resources to help me be successful. I learned how to utilize my community and become a part of it. Hillcrest Hope change my life forever. I am now able to be financially stable and to be able to grow and create a good life for me and my son.” Brittani K.

“The financial budgeting has been most helpful. Yet the encouragement and support we received to love and growth as a family unit is priceless.” Aimee F.

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