Partners in Hope: St. Patrick Parish

St. Patrick is a church with a social conscious, looking to give during their times of thriving or times of need. “This comes from a leadership that owns the idea that ‘it’s not about us.’ We cannot be insular and call ourselves the church,” shared Father Robert Stewart.  The patron saint of this parish, Patrick, was an immigrant himself sent to offer hope and inspiration to others. The church has a long history of welcoming the stranger, embracing all into their community.

“There can be no greater witness to the presence of Christ in our world than the constant growth of the church. Through these past 81 years, through our humble beginnings in North Kansas City, the people of St. Patrick continue to show their faith, hope and love of God and all mankind.” Today, with a membership of over 600 families, St. Patrick reaches throughout the entire Northland community.

One thing that St. Pat’s strives to do with its members and community is to continually connect the importance of both charity and justice. Charity plays a vital role and they seek to serve in this way but it does not solve the greater problems that exists, the problems that creates the need for charity. Justice, to create balance, looks at the larger problem to create solutions for the root causes of need.

These values drive the actions of St. Patrick in the community, participating in everything from building Habitat for Humanity homes to offering emergency assistance. “We not only offer a food pantry, but we ask why we need one,” explained Father Robert. St. Patrick Parish takes on the vital role with other churches of analyzing the greater needs of the community to pursue real solutions instead of simply applying a band-aid.

The members and leadership of our church are constantly sensitive to the needs of the community. “We will not ever focus solely on our own needs. We see it as a privilege, a gift, to meet needs and serve others. While we look for ways to constantly serve as the church, we also encourage all our members to serve in whatever ways they desire or dream of. We all seek to serve in whatever capacity possible because we belong to Christ.”

“We will be here to anchor this community, as a parish of all education levels, all economic levels, and numerous nationalities. This adds a richness to the fabric of our church community,” Father Robert shared with profound fondness for the parish. “St. Patrick embraces its ethnic diversity while celebrating its oneness in mission. We share a belief in and a fundamental commitment to Jesus Christ and the following of His Gospel. As a people, we are called to share our blessings with one another and the broader community.”

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