National Volunteer Week 2017

This week was National Volunteer Week 2017 and we celebrated all the people that make Hillcrest Hope possible. With a tiny staff of 6 full-time and a handful of part-time employees, 21 families are housed, educated, held accountable, and supported, not to mention a 12,000 square foot thrift store is open and operating 6 days a week. We simply would not exist without the hundreds of volunteers that commit their time every single day to make Hillcrest Hope great.

We love that every skill, every talent, every passion, and every quirk has a home at Hillcrest Hope. If you love to organize, we have a spot for you. If you love to craft, we have a role for you. If you love to stage displays, we have a job for you. If you love to clean, bake, talk, file, mow, paint, search for treasures, encourage, teach, tutor, drive…we have an avenue for that to bless others in your community. Not every role has a job title and we may even create a new one just for you. Because service does not have to be contained to any one specific task or schedule. Tell us what you care about and we can tell you how it can help someone else.

Our Volunteers:

Maintenance Volunteers

Volunteering with family

Liberty Office Volunteers

Housewares Volunteers

Staley High School food drive volunteers

Clothing and Shoe Volunteers

Three-generational volunteering

Housewares and Linens Volunteers

Holiday/Seasonal Volunteers

And while there are so many more behind the scenes, not pictured, and doing what they love, all were celebrated.

Our grateful thanks to the Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store that finished off National Volunteer Week 2017 with a special lunch to say “Thanks!”

It doesn’t get better than this. We love our volunteers!


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