Partners in Hope: Journey Church

Each month of 2017, we will be sitting down with the leaders of the churches that play a key role at Hillcrest Hope. The local church has from the beginning been an integral part of this organization. We want to give you a glimpse into the heart and mission of the local church.

For January, we had the opportunity to sit down with Shawn Phillips, lead pastor of Journey Church. As Shawn shared about the path God led him down to see Journey Church take root, he took us back to its beginning.  From youth pastor to a large church in St. Joe to an entrepreneur in Cameron, God had brought about change in the life of Shawn’s family. He thought it possible that his season of ministry was over. Yet, surrounded by family support, Shawn led the beginnings of a church God had begun-not from another, sending church, but from faith and obedience nonetheless.

Through the last ten years, Journey Church has grown, seeing families encouraged, marriages restored, and a community created. When asked about their name, Pastor Shawn explained that “we are all somewhere along in our journey, whether far from Christ or experiencing abundant life. We are here to come alongside people in their journey, help them in their journey.” The church’s mission speaks directly to this desire: to see people far from God rescued with real life in Christ.

We asked Pastor Shawn to share just a few words that would describe Journey Church. He detailed that Journey Church values presence; the presence of the living and active God is one encountered together as a church. They value people, those far and those redeemed, just as God does. Journey Church values purpose; equipping the congregation to live and fulfill their purpose as the people of God to serve the community and reach others for Christ.

The leadership of the church has committed to invest in family, outreach, the next generation, and service. These investments are seen in parallel through their in-house ministries, sermons, chosen activities, and the tithe they as the church pledge back to the community.

Journey Church is active both locally, nationally, and internationally supporting missionaries and organizations. Yet, these are not just obligatory outreach investments, Pastor Shawn explained. Journey Church commits not just to support but also to relationship with those they give to. We at Hillcrest Hope are honored to be counted among the relationships Journey Church has established with the local community.

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