Hillcrest Hope Festivities

At Hillcrest Hope, Christmastime is a season of excitement, fun, and celebration. Hillcrest Hope fesitivities are in full swing. From the week of Christmas adoption to the making of homemade ornaments at our housing sites, we are celebrating the season. The families of Hillcrest Hope and a handful of graduates joined us for a Christmas party hosted by Good Shepherd UMC-Gladstone and Journey Church. Our thrift store hosted its own Christmas party in-house with volunteers gathered around donated dining tables with decorations from merchandise as well. Here’s a look at some of the fun:

Thrift Store staff and volunteers joined together for some food and fun.

The thrift store became the banquet room with its unique decorations and seating.

And some unique people…

Amidst all the silliness, Ryan Haverland, thrift store manager, took the opportunity to individually recognize each and every volunteer for their invaluable contributions.

For the families of Hillcrest Hope and graduates alike, dinner and party games made for a great night.

The ladies of Journey Church brought a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.

And Good Shepherd UMC-Gladstone brought the party to life. From reindeer games…

…To cookie snatching challenges.

It was a marshmellow-shooter-from-a-cup-and-balloon kind of blast!

And even if we maybe had too much icing…

We still found it in us to party on.

Merry Christmas from all us of to all of you!!!

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