Dedicated Volunteer of 2016

Each year at Hillcrest Hope, we get the opportunity to honor one of our incredible volunteers with an award. Our Dedicated Volunteer of 2016 is Judy Mullen. Serving 9 years in a number of roles, Judy has made an impact on the lives of so many families journeying through Hillcrest Hope.

Judy Mullen became involved with Hillcrest Ministries those 9 years ago through her church, First Presbyterian in Liberty. Her church, playing an integral role in the beginning of Hillcrest Ministries, has been an apartment sponsor from the early years.

Judy engaged with long-time, dedicated volunteer from her church Lola Lewis and began to help with the preparation of the church-sponsored apartment. She welcomed families, brought food, and followed along with their progress and success.

When Hillcrest Ministries entered a transition phase, purchasing the thrift store and new Liberty housing site, Judy jumped right in to support our thrift store. She continued to help with the First Presbyterian Church apartment as it became ready to house families in need. Three years ago, Judy began to serve in the Liberty housing site office, answering phones, checking messages, and blessing both residents, applicants, and staff alike with her genuine compassion.

We could not be more thankful for the woman Judy is, the heart she brings to all she does, and the blessing it is to have her as a part of Hillcrest Hope.

As Judy has seen first hand, Hillcrest Hope would not exist without the dedication of so many generous and committed individuals. If you would like to learn more about getting involved, complete a volunteer form here.

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