A Christmas Sweater's Journey

“I was lucky enough to be born as a vibrant and bedazzled sweater, I’ve often thought of myself as the exact opposite of a bear. Hibernating from spring through fall, enabled me enough rest to be ready for the party season all winter long. I attended party after party receiving constant adoration. Women wanted to wear me! Men complimented the women that wore me. Children reacted to me as if I was made of lollipops and cookies. Life was beautiful.  And then, the most awful and unexpected event occurred; the 80’s ended.
hillcrest hope thrift store christmas sweater
The new decade brought a minimalist attitude and a disdain of the type of glitter and glam which made me feel famous, and more importantly, wanted. My sweet lil’ owner tried her hardest to save me from irrelevance. One year, she gave a Santa Claus that adorned my sweater a cellphone so he would seem “hip” and “chic.” 
hillcrest hope thrift store christmas sweater  Another year, she took advantage of Hollywood’s throwback to the Wild West with films such as Tombstone and Wyatt Earp by sewing a majestic lasso in the hand of another Santa Claus. hillcrest hope thrift store christmas sweater  Shockingly, nothing worked and my zest for life began to slowly drift down the river. Eventually, I began hibernating winter through winter, year after year. I became so depressed I began eating junk and before long I wasn’t looking very good.  Life seemed to have no meaning.  But then…
The 2010’s brought back the gaudy in fun! Wanting my vibrancy to be shared and enjoyed, my sweetest lil’ lady in the world did the kindest thing for me. She woke me up with the smell of bacon and eggs, opened up my dresser drawer and snuggled me, and then packed me neatly in a box labeled ‘Hillcrest Hope.’
Arriving at my new home, she promised me I would meet a new friend and have fun and silly adventures someday soon. For the first few days at Hillcrest Hope, nothing happened.  No one looked at me or picked me up.  But one day a very nice young woman decided to try me on.  We went to the dressing room where she decided I wouldn’t fit and threw me on the floor!  The outrage! The hurt!  
It took the Thrift Store staff two days to pick me up.  Oh, how I cried!  But then as soon as they put me back on the rack, another girl tried me on right in the aisle.  She loved me!  She did a little dance and turned in a circle for all to admire her.  Okay, maybe it was just one admirer.  At that point, I was ‘adopted’ (purchased) by a really cool student from William Jewell. We’re back on the party circuit!  I’ve been to two parties already this year, and we have four more planned! And, can you believe it? Nowadays, they hand out prizes for sweaters like me!” 
hillcrest hope thrift store christmas sweater

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