2nd Annual Graduate Reunion

For nearly four decades, families have been experiencing change and renewed hope through our program. We find this to be the best of reasons to celebrate. This year, we hosted our 2nd annual Graduate Reunion, inviting graduate families  and current residents alike to join with us in a time of family fun, cultivating re-connection.

Graduates as far back as 2010 joined us for food and festivities at Macken Park in North Kansas City. With Jack Stack BBQ to fill bellies, we heard stories of children’s activities, teens headed to college, Hillcrest Hope graduates finishing college as adults, and families taking steps toward buying their own homes.

Our graduate reunion is not only a time to celebrate but also a time to remind the families we have invested in that we are still present as a resource and trusted guide as they encounter life’s struggles along the way.

With an attendance of 84, children played and adults caught up, both with Hillcrest Hope staff and one another, as those that have experienced the same renewed hope.

Children lined up to take their swing at the piñata…

…and piled in as candy spilled.

Water balloons and Sheridan’s ice cream helped break the heat. Laughter, excitement, and gratitude were widespread through the entire event.

This is hope restored. We get the opportunity, day in and day out, to establish stability, teach accountability, and foster family growth. There are days of encouragement, of obstacles hurdled and goals reached. This celebration of years past and families strengthened is the reason we are so proud to be Hillcrest Hope.




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