MOD Pizza Benefits Hillcrest Hope

Mod Pizza was born from a desire to create a unique experience for both customers and employees in the restaurant industry. This company quickly set itself apart with the desire to set firm prices based on pizza size, not toppings, with every pizza Made To Order (MOD). It’s a no catch offer. Yet, the most incredible part is the identical commitment to their team. They do not simply want to satisfy their customers. They have resolved to pay their team members as well as possible, while keeping their prices as low as possible. From the beginning, MOD was an experiment motivated by the desire to create something really special and inspired by some shared values,” share owners and founders, Scott and Ally Svenson.

This unique experience is coming this summer to Liberty, MO as the first store in the Kansas City market. Local franchisee market manager, Rick Palmer, shares his own impression of the success of this experiment, it was time in my life I did something more for the heart than for the pocketbook. I have always had a passion for food and the restaurant business but the entire culture of the corporation is something different. MOD Pizza has created a culture that gives people a place to work that isn’t just about going to work. It’s about community.

Since its founding in 2008, MOD pizza has been truly intentional about each expansion, seeking out and partnering with a local charity to benefit financially and with opportunities for employment. “We look for the opportunity to hire people that need a second chance, Rick shares, giving them a path and an opportunity that they wouldn’t normally have.

MOD Pizza has made that same commitment to Hillcrest Hope. The anticipated store opening date of late June comes with the pledge to donate 100% of opening day profits to our transformational housing program. Along with this is also their desire to meet and interview Hillcrest Hope residents and graduates, hoping to give them the opportunity to work in this incredible environment wherein a spirit of independence, teamwork, and service are of the highest value.

We are honored to be a part of what MOD is doing to lift up our community and feed us too!


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