On the dock with Dave and Nick

There are many faces of Hillcrest Hope: the families we serve, the volunteers we depend on, the donors we are so blessed by and then there are these two gentleman. These faces of Hillcrest Hope that so many meet in the community because they are the men that drive our brightly, branded truck door to door to pick-up donations.

Meet Dave and Nick:

Does loading and unloading sleeper sofas, 1970s NordicTrack’s, desks, dining room tables, and just about every other type of furniture and appliance sound like a dream come true? Well, for Dr. Dave Schnoebelen and Sir Nicholas May, the heavy workload has its perks. As Nick, our assistant dock manager, explains, “I look at it as a free gym membership without the annoyance of having a personal trainer trying to up-sell you protein powder at every turn. Plus, the atmosphere is fun, I now have the skills that pay the bills, and I take a lot of pride in seeing low cost furniture that we’ve brought into the store bring happiness to our customers and needed funds for our program.”

For Dave, dock manager and the former Director of Parks & Recreation for North Kansas City, he enjoys the sense of adventure the position satisfies. “Each day brings a new challenge, and I like to problem solve. Whether it’s figuring out how to get a 6ft x 3ft couch through a 5ft x 2ft door, or how to transform an entertainment center into a piano, my mind and body are always active.”

The strength of our thrift store lies in those that work there. Through retail re-purposing, these fine individuals help to produce revenue from what others believe to be rubbish. The staff and volunteers create an atmosphere that appreciates uniqueness and fun. Dave and Nick are an integral part of making the store a success, and, in turn, the store provides tremendous support to the program of Hillcrest Hope.

We are truly blessed to have such hardworking and genuinely kind human beings on our staff. They enable us to build the brand of Hillcrest Hope by developing relationships with donors, and by providing our customers with quality furniture at deeply discounted prices.

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