Thank you to the Harvest Ball Society

To put a family of four through the rigorous program at Hillcrest Hope takes about $2,500. And so we’re humbled and grateful to be among the 30 Harvest Ball Society grant recipients for 2016, with a grant of $10,000. This amount has the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on four Northland families in the coming year through the education and accountability taught at Hillcrest Hope.

This grant represents a significant gift for us, to have that level of commitment to what we are doing, said Laurie Sutton, Hillcrest Hope Executive Director. When you talk about those four families, you’re talking about parents and children . . . That’s a family who was struggling, not financially stable. But, thanks to the Harvest Ball Society, we’re able to bring them to a place where they’re stable and thriving. We couldn’t do it without them.

The Harvest Ball Society, founded in 1987, has a mission to increase charitable giving, and to provide leadership in meeting community needs. Thanks to the generosity of its members, it has become the largest not-for-profit organization devoted to raising funds for charities serving the Northland. This year, the grants totaled $404,100.

The grant is very exciting! Furthermore, to be recognized by the Harvest Ball Society for making a difference in the lives of the people in the Northland is an honor, Laurie says.

The presentation was festive and encouraging, Laurie adds. It’s really phenomenal to be part of this group of women pulling their resources together to support the charities of the Northland.

The impact the society has had on the Northland and on so many organizations is really worth celebrating, says Laurie. For an organization to come together and help all of us, it’s remarkable.

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