Tuesday Tutoring at Hillcrest Hope

One evening each week at our housing sites, Hillcrest Hope adults are required to attend a life skills class led by instructors proficient in different areas. Following this class, the adults attend a community living meeting regarding property announcements, property upkeep and general community interactions. While the parents are engaged, community volunteers help provide childcare. With much collaboration, a small group of women came to kick off Tutoring Tuesdays in Liberty on Tuesday, February 2nd.

One year ago, a group of women from Liberty Christian Fellowship (LCF) banded together to form a women’s ministry and found that on each heart was the desire to help the families of Hillcrest Hope. Rena Fitzmaurice, an LCF member, had been involved in a large tutoring program for students in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. When she brought this idea to the table, the other women quickly joined in to make the idea a reality.

On a Tuesday evening, one can only imagine the managed chaos that ensues during this time period. Several parents are just returning home from the long day of work and picking up their children from school and/or childcare. Quick and often small meals have to be sufficient for everyone to be in the office for meetings to start at 6pm. The women of LCF saw Tuesday evenings as a prime opportunity to provide encouragement to the children of Hillcrest Hope while meeting the basic need of childcare during the evening classes.

The group from LCF wants to help with the practical needs of the children at Hillcrest Hope but all the while meet a deeper need: the need to feel valued and important. Rena shared about how one teenage girl on the property started off fairly closed off, with short responses and negative comments. Rena went on to explain that the more she tried to find out about the girl, the more she started to think about this teen’s needs-more than just school and homework. She finally admitted she was hungry, Rena explained. When we got her something to eat, her whole demeanor changed.

While few children had homework to tackle that evening, everyone got a chance to interact and get to know each other. Rena shared that while they, hope to support kids through homework help, that the greater goal is to be a part of providing a sense of stability by interacting with and loving on the kids.

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