Celebrating our Hillcrest Hope Anniversary

January is our anniversary! Milestones call for reflection and, as we mark our birthday, we look back on all the transformation that’s happened at Hillcrest Hope.

“We have turned a significant corner on how we are serving families through the continued development of our staff and the introduction of a new role into our organization,” says Laurie Sutton, Executive Director at Hillcrest Hope. “Our staff is supported by each other and by the surrounding community, and we continue to better meet the needs of the working poor in Clay County.”

Our graduates, our families, our staff and our community have much to celebrate! Let us count the ways.

  • $84,099.12: How much money Hillcrest Hope families saved in 2015
  • 31,000 +: How many volunteer hours were generously contributed at Hillcrest Hope, both in our apartments and our Thrift Store
  • 7: Families received their own transportation, thanks to generous church sponsors and families.
  • 85: Families adopted for Christmas – that’s our biggest Christmas yet!
  • 2: Thrift Store trucks for furniture pick-ups – one new truck purchased thanks to your generosity in 2015!
  • $244,165.47: How much debt Hillcrest Hope families resolved in 2015
  • 1: Our first-ever Graduate Reunion took place this year!
  • 1,272 and counting: Fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. We love being social!

“I believe that 2016 will only be an improvement on the successes we have achieved at Hillcrest Hope,” Laurie said. Thank you for being part of our Hillcrest Hope community!

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