A thankful holiday

Christmas is a special and memorable time of year for families. That’s why we work hard at Hillcrest Hope to make sure that, in spite of present circumstances, families feel that holidays are fully celebrated. And to make this happen, it takes the entire community.

This year, each family currently living at Hillcrest Hope was adopted for Christmas, with beautifully-wrapped presents under the tree. Thrift store volunteers contributed money and time to provide stockings to all of our residents, adults and children. Thoughtful volunteer and donor Kristen Uhlman assembled cookie dough and holiday baskets, including everything from cookie cutters and rolling pins to icing and sprinkles, for some fun holiday baking.

Hillcrest Hope case managers and resident managers helped usher in the holiday spirit with a special time of reflection and celebration on the Tuesday evening before Christmas. Together, they read the story of the birth of Jesus, shared a time of fun and enjoyed a holiday meal.

Neil, a father of four, shared about his holiday experience at Hillcrest Hope. “There are no words to describe how grateful I am for everything this program has done to support me and Christmas was just one more incredible experience of the love and provision of God through Hillcrest Hope and the community that supports it.”

Shelly, resident and guardian of her 12 year old great nephew, became tearful: her Christmas and everything surrounding the holiday was, in her words, phenomenal. “The only thing I wanted for Christmas was a place to stay, and then the blessings just continued to pile up,” Shelly says. “I am eternally grateful to Hillcrest Hope.”

The families of Hillcrest Hope remember what the holidays are truly about. They are surrounded by the ones they love, a part of a larger community of those working to better themselves, and thankful for the opportunities given.

“I didn’t want anything for Christmas because I had been given the blessing of being a part of this program,” says soon-to-be Hillcrest Hope graduate Chris. “However, I was blessed by the kids here making cookies for me and spending time with everyone who has cared so much and invested in me. It is hard to express how grateful I am. This has been one of the best Christmases I have ever had.”

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