Donors deliver Christmas presents for Hillcrest Hope graduates

Our graduates leave with the skills they need to create their best life. But in their quest to stick to a budget, there isn’t always extra money for Christmas gifts. Each holiday season at Hillcrest Hope, we get the opportunity to witness abundant generosity. Our thoughtful donors commit to buying Christmas gifts to make it a happy holiday.

As with many, this is a busy time of year for the Hillcrest Hope staff, but it’s absolutely the most joyful. Not only do we witness the thoughtful giving of donors, we also get to hear how our graduates are doing; it’s the perfect chance for these families to check in and let us know how they are doing. Graduates have the opportunity to keep in contact and receive Christmas adoption for up to five years post-graduation, and that means we get great updates. Our team loves these success stories from all parts of their lives. New jobs, children succeeding in school, and more debts paid off . . . the list of blessings goes on.

Repeated thanks come from tearful parents, as they pick up bags of presents for their families. Wish lists include necessities like clothes and winter gear, plus toys and games for families to enjoy together.

“We are careful to employ a process that provides dignity to the families,” shares Rachel Hollinberger, Hillcrest Hope staff member. “Gifts are donated unwrapped, so the parent can have the knowledge of what their children are receiving, wrap these gifts and take ownership in the giving.”

This year, 85 graduate families were adopted for Christmas through the tremendous community that surrounds Hillcrest Hope with support. Families, churches, businesses, community groups and local schools generously give to provide Christmas gifts to the graduates of Hillcrest Hope. We are so thankful for the generosity of all who made this Christmas a merry one!

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