Pizza Shoppe teams up with Hillcrest Hope

Make Sunday pizza day to benefit Hillcrest Hope! From now through next year’s Night of Hope Gala, when you visit the Pizza Shoppe in Liberty, and mention Hillcrest Hope, Pizza Shoppe will give 10% of that sale back to our organization.

Brandon Doherty, who owns Pizza Shoppe with his wife, was introduced to Hillcrest Hope when some friends invited him to join them at the 2015 Night of Hope Gala. “I had a good time and really enjoyed the message they shared,” Brandon said. The event compelled him to give back.

Brandon, as a father of two teenage daughters, is also eager to support Hillcrest Hope because of the focus on families. “I think everything starts with family. It’s the core. You’re only as good as the support you get growing up.”

“Everybody needs a second chance,” Brandon says. He appreciates that Hillcrest Hope gives families, “the knowledge and skills to try to make it right this time. It’s not just handed to them.”

Also appealing to Brandon was the local connection. He moved to the Kansas City area as a freshman in high school, graduating from Park Hill. Brandon and his wife have owned the North Oak and Liberty Pizza Shoppe locations for 15 years.

“My wife and I grew up on Pizza Shoppe. It was just where we always hung out . . . and 15 years later, here we are,” he says.

Dining at Pizza Shoppe for the first time? Brandon’s favorite pizza has Italian sausage, mushroom, black olives and onions. If you’re a pasta fan, he recommends the chicken fettuccini alfredo. And don’t forget the salad: Pizza Shoppe is known for “The Pink Stuff,” a creamy pink garlic salad dressing.

The strong relationship Pizza Shoppe has with their community has been crucial to their success. “The community helps us to have a successful business. Without a community that’s thriving, we’re not going to thrive.”

See you on Sundays at Pizza Shoppe!

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