Hope In Action

Volunteers are the heart of any organization. It is only with our numerous volunteers that we at Hillcrest Hope can serve our families well. Our volunteers give tirelessly of their time and talents to serve the homeless of Clay County with us.

How you can help?


Budget Counselors, Babysitters, Mentors,

Pantry Sorters, Thrift Store, and More.


Thrift Store, Babysitters, and Property Work Groups-

You can earn your service hours with us!


Corporate, Churches, Families...

All are welcome!

Needs Drives

You don't have to come to us to volunteer.

Reach out and see what you can do in your community

to raise funds or meet needs at Hillcrest Hope!

Locations to Serve:

Avondale Housing Site

Liberty Housing Site 

Thrift Store 

Hillcrest Hope Volunteer
Hillcrest Hope Volunteer
Hillcrest Hope Volunteer